McuOnEclipse Releases on SourceForge

When I started the McuOnEclipse project back in 2012, I did not expect that it would create that much of attention :-). So far I’m sharing the project files on GitHub (see “McuOnEclipse goes Git“). GitHub is excellent for sharing sources, but not a good way to share release (binary) files. It is somewhat ok for small/few files, and initially that worked well for the few Processor Expert files (see “Processor Expert Component *.PEupd Files on GitHub“). However, with the amount of components and binary releases, the GitHub repository gets bloated. So I’m performing some maintenance work, and so I’m moving binary releases to a new McuOnEclipse SourceForge site.

McuOnEclipse On SourceForge

McuOnEclipse On SourceForge

That way you can easily subscribe to updates, and have a convenient way to download earlier releases or getting the newest drops.

I already host Eclipse plugin releases on that SourceForge site.

Installing Processor Expert Components

Processor Expert already comes with a set of components pre-installed, provided by Freescale. The McuOnEclipse projects adds extra components to this (FreeRTOS, drivers for external devices, utilities, …). To install the components into CodeWarrior, Kinetis Design Studio or any other Eclipse with Processor Expert (Atollic TrueStudio, DIY Kepler, …), follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest component release zip file from
  2. Unpack/unzip the archive file on your machine
  3. In Eclipse, use the menu Processor Expert > Import Component(s)

    Import Components

    Import Components

  4. Browse to the two *.PEupd Files and select both *.PEupd files:

    Importing Components

    Importing Components

  5. Press Open to import them. A progressdialogwill be shown:

    Import Processor Expert Package

    Import Processor Expert Package

  6. At the end, it reminds you to close/re-open any projectthatcontains the imported components:

    Import Complete for Processor Expert Components

    Import Complete for Processor Expert Components

  7. In the components library view (use menu Processor Expert > Show Views or Window > Show Views > Other > Processor Expert > Compents Library) you should now see all the new components:

    Components Library View with installed components

    Components Library View with installed components


Using SourceForge for distributing releases is a better way then using GitHub. I will keep the files on the GitHub repository for a while, but the GitHub repository will be cleaned up towards the end of this year. All new (binary) releases will be hosted on Eventually I’m moving the component sources to a dedicated GitHub repository too.

Happy SourceForging 🙂


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