New Sumo Robot PCBs Arrived!

Finally, after several weeks delay, the new PCBs for the Mini Sumo Robots (see “Zumo Robot with WiFi and GPS”) arrived, and best of all: first test are all running fine :-).

First PCB under Debug

First PCB under Debug

Beside of smaller bug and layout fixes, the new PCB features the following extensions:

  1. Additional user LED (now two) on the back
  2. Simpler and easier connection to the motor and quadrature encoders
  3. Bluetooth and nRF24L01+ connectors on the base board

The boards came with four boards on a bigger board:

Four Boards Bottom Side

Four Boards Bottom Side

Four Boards Top Side

Four Boards Top Side

With the exceptions of the Arduino Shield compatible headers and the reflectance sensor header, the boards have all the parts populated which is a big time saver in the course.

Sumo Robot Board Components

Sumo Robot Board Components

For the motors we are using now a micromatch cable:


Micromatch Cable with Motors

Encoders with Cables

Encoders with Cables

Motors connected to Board

Motors connected to Board

Hopefully, everything comes together as planned ;-).

Happy PCBing 🙂



5 thoughts on “New Sumo Robot PCBs Arrived!

  1. Please tell me I can buy this!!! This is exactly what I was searching for. I have a build project planned but haven’t seen what I wanted until just now. I am wanting to step into the world of mbed and think the zumo is a awesome build platfor.


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