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  1. Hi Erich,

    There are various CAN interface devices like the Vector CAN Case, the Komodo CAN Interface, etc. I am not very familiar with how these interfaces communicate with the PC over USB. Do you know the data is transmitted over USB? I will start experimenting with NXP USB examples for FRDM boards. My goal is to use a FRDM board with a CAN interface to capture CAN traffic and then send to a PC Application over USB for displaying the CAN ID and the payload. I imagine there is some data packet protocol involved in the data transmission. Do you have any projects along these lines, perhaps reading Sensor Data or Telemetry Data?



    • Hi David,
      I have not worked with CAN recently, and I don’t have a project to share with you.
      There is to my knowledge no special Can2USB protocol. Most do a simple CAN-to-Serial (UART, USB CDC) conversion. Simply capture things on the CAN side and transmit as USB CDC data to the host, and vice versa.



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