McuOnEclipse Components: 25-Sept-2017 Release

I’m pleased to announce that a new release of the McuOnEclipse components is available in SourceForge. It  this release more ARM Cortex devices/vendors are supported with different SDKs, plus it comes with several FreeRTOS enhancements for debugging highly optimized code.




The following major changes have been applied since the last release:

  • FatFS: added interface for f_readdir(), f_opendir() and f_closedir()
  • McuLibrary: added support for more ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 based microcontroller
  • Segger RTT: files can now be generated into a subfolder
  • FreeRTOS: added handling for GNU link time optimization settings (-lto). FreeRTOS now works with thread and task aware debugging up to the highest optimization levels.
  • FatFS: closing file in benchmark function if there is a failure
  • Several components updated for C++ handling and to work with classic CodeWarrior for MCU 6.x
  • FreeRTOS: fixed missing symbol during code generation if only static memory was turned on without the dynamic memory option


The changes are documented on GitHub. The release is available on SourceForge: See “McuOnEclipse Releases on SourceForge” how to install the update. If you are not using Processor Expert: the components are available in normal source form on

I hope you find the new release useful.

Happy Updating 🙂



3 thoughts on “McuOnEclipse Components: 25-Sept-2017 Release

  1. Hi Erich,
    My last using PE component is “9-July-2017 Release”, every thing work well. after update to “25-Sept-2017 Release”, Codewarrior show compile error :

    “FRTOS1.h:265:warning:C4443 Undefined Macro ‘configCPU_FAMILY’ is taken as 0”.

    My project is a very old thing, it uses a S08 mcu.



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