McuOnEclipse Components: 25-Sept-2017 Release

I’m pleased to announce that a new release of the McuOnEclipse components is available in SourceForge. In this release more ARM Cortex devices/vendors are supported with different SDKs, plus it comes with several FreeRTOS enhancements for debugging highly optimized code.




The following major changes have been applied since the last release:

  • FatFS: added interface for f_readdir(), f_opendir() and f_closedir()
  • McuLibrary: added support for more ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 based microcontroller
  • Segger RTT: files can now be generated into a subfolder
  • FreeRTOS: added handling for GNU link time optimization settings (-lto). FreeRTOS now works with thread and task aware debugging up to the highest optimization levels.
  • FatFS: closing file in benchmark function if there is a failure
  • Several components updated for C++ handling and to work with classic CodeWarrior for MCU 6.x
  • FreeRTOS: fixed missing symbol during code generation if only static memory was turned on without the dynamic memory option


The changes are documented on GitHub. The release is available on SourceForge: See “McuOnEclipse Releases on SourceForge” how to install the update. If you are not using Processor Expert: the components are available in normal source form on

I hope you find the new release useful.

Happy Updating 🙂


11 thoughts on “McuOnEclipse Components: 25-Sept-2017 Release

  1. Hi Erich,
    My last using PE component is “9-July-2017 Release”, every thing work well. after update to “25-Sept-2017 Release”, Codewarrior show compile error :

    “FRTOS1.h:265:warning:C4443 Undefined Macro ‘configCPU_FAMILY’ is taken as 0”.

    My project is a very old thing, it uses a S08 mcu.



  2. Hi Erich, I developed a GRPS gateway using KL46, with Codewarrior and your components library, that worked perfect for several years, but now I need to add new features to that software. Please, could you tell me the best way to recovery that piece of software with the current IDEs? Which IDE you recommend me? Is the current component library compatible with old versions? Thank a lot! BTW if you want to see the GRPS project’s sources are available at Thank you!!!


  3. Hi Erich! Finally, I install the last KDS and the most updated component library, and all works fine, the only trouble was an “undefined reference to `_ thumb startup'” but I fixed declaring a new controller component and putting the settings of the old component.


  4. Erych,

    We are using KDS and PEX in a project.
    The MK22FX512AVLL12 is not avaiable in PEX processors, but MK22FX512VLL12 (without the A) is.

    You know if PEX will generate and work even choosing MK22FX512VLL12?


    • Hi Carlos,
      I’m using the K22FX512VLL12 and that works fine. I don’t have/use that A version, and don’t know what the differences are. But I know that there are different versions of the MK22 which seem to be very different on the die (different peripherals/address mappings), so I cannot give you a good answer: you might simply try out, or checkk the data sheet/reference manual page by page 😦


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