DIY Split-Flap Display

Split-flap displays are electromechanical display devices, which were common in airports or railway stations a few years ago.Unfortunately, most of them are gone and replaced by LED displays. Why not create a DIY version of it?

2×10 Split-Flap Display
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Faster FreeRTOS Percepio Tracealyzer Streaming with Segger RTT

To solve the real hard problem of Embedded Systems development, I usually need all the data I can get from the target. The Percepio Tracealizer is such a tool which can stream application and FreeRTOS trace from the target over a Segger J-Link connection using the Segger RTT protocol. I’m using that combination a lot.

Streaming trace data that way does not need a dedicated hardware like ETM Trace. Using RTT is usually not much intrusive and affects the performance of the target in the 1-2% range (of course depending on the amount of data).

But what worried me for several weeks is that after moving to FreeRTOS V10.0.0 and the same time updating the Segger libraries, the target performance was heavily affected:

RTT Streamnig affects target performance

RTT streaming affects target performance?

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