Sleepless Night with Föhn

It has been a sleepless night with Föhn wind up to 100 km/h. The compensation for this is a mild temperature of 15°C. Plus that beautiful sunrise this early morning:

Föhn Sunrise

Föhn Sunrise

Happy Föhnig 🙂


Inversion: Haggenegg and Stockhütte

Inversion‘ is an interesting meteorology phenomena: normally the air temperature gets colder the higher you get up in the mountains. With the inversion situation it is the other way round: cold air in the lower areas building a sea of fog, and warmer air and sunshine up above. Perfect for a hike, so sharing pictures from last weekend.

The first one is from the Haggenegg in Canton Schwyz, with the view to the South:

Inversion, view from Haggenegg

Inversion, view from Haggenegg (click to enlarge)

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Central Switzerland in Timelapse


The past weeks have been extremely busy with the new semester started. As a result, no time for new posts on this blog for nearly three weeks :-(.

Until my projects-in-progress about MQTT, Time-of-Flight sensors, LoRa (long range) wireless networking and a cool robotics project are ready, here is something to share with you all: a cool time-lapse video of my home and work area, created by Pirmin Henseler: 2 years, 30’000 pictures, 2 broken cameras, and the result is amazing:

It reminds me again how beautiful the world is.

Happy Timelapsing 🙂

Hiking up to the Rigi Hochflue

Just nearby where I live I have a mountain peak with a beautiful panorama view. So I’ll take you on virtual tour with high-resolution pictures to the Rigi Hochflue (1998 m).

The tour starts from the Gätterli summit (1699 m) in the morning:

Start in Gätterli

Start in Gätterli: view to the South

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Daylight beating my Jetlag

Air travel and especially across many time zones is no fun. I returned from the NXP FTF conference in Austin, Texas. Travelling to the west works pretty good, but travelling east is a beast.

My best tip beating timezone tiredness is to get out and tank as much sunlight as I can after. It has been a beautiful day today, I got a lot of sunlight, so here is a share of that:

Sun against Jetlag

Sun against Jetlag (click to enlarge)

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First of Spring: Crokus


It has been extremely busy weeks, and I’m my technical blog article output currently is very low. So I thought I could post two pictures of blooming Crocus in my backyard instead. I admit: that takes less time than writing up a 2000 words geeky technology article. And I know that some of you might say “Flower pictures do not count!”. But hey, I say that the Crocus is a very beautiful flower, and in many aspects nature is ahead of technology:



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Fire & Ice: Winter Sunrise Reflections


It has been a cold night with snowfall mostly in the higher mountains. For a very short time window opened up in the sky for the raising sun:

Winter Sunrise Reflections

Winter Sunrise Reflections

It created nice reflections the water and ice on the ground: like fire on ice.

The following panorama picture is taken near the same spot as above in the “Sägel” nature preservation area, towards the Mythen peaks in the East:

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Winter is not over yet…


Overnight the higher areas received lots of snow, while it was raining in the lower areas, creating a ‘blue, white and green painting’. A new rain and snow weather front is coming, but there was a small blue sky window in the morning. With the sun coming up in my back, I captured the view towards the snow-covered Rigi mountain range:

Rigi, Snow and Green

Rigi, Snow and Green (click to enlarge)

Happy Snowing 🙂