Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms, …


It is the time of the year where trees lose their leaves and mushrooms grow on the ground.



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Hiking King Laurin and his Rose Garden

The Dolomites are full of legend and fairy tales (see “The Legend and the Fairy Tale of Lago di Carezza“), and one is about King Laurin and his Rose Garden. In this day hike we visited Haniger Schwaige hut, located below the Torri del Vajolet (Vajoletttürme, 2813 m) and Croda di Re Laurino (König-Laurin-Wand, 2813 m).

View back to Kin Laurings Garden

View back to King Laurins Garden

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10 Reasons Why I Love my Train Commute

I love to commute by train, and I use three different Swiss train companies for my daily work commute to the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences in Horw, near Lucerne. Returning this evening, I enjoyed a beautiful view to the snow-covered mountains from my home destination. I’m lucky, and this is yet another reason why I love my commute:

View from Trainstation

View from Train Station

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Inversion: Haggenegg and Stockhütte

Inversion‘ is an interesting meteorology phenomena: normally the air temperature gets colder the higher you get up in the mountains. With the inversion situation it is the other way round: cold air in the lower areas building a sea of fog, and warmer air and sunshine up above. Perfect for a hike, so sharing pictures from last weekend.

The first one is from the Haggenegg in Canton Schwyz, with the view to the South:

Inversion, view from Haggenegg

Inversion, view from Haggenegg (click to enlarge)

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