Storm “Sabine” is coming …

One week after the storm “Petra”, the new one named “Sabine” is approaching Switzerland. This winter is really special so far: nearly no snow, record high temperatures and it feels more like spring than winter…

It should be winter

It should be winter now?

Ideal for a short walk just before the next storm will hit us with an expected speed of 150 km/h and up to 200 km/h.

srf Sturm-Warnung

srf warning (Source: srf-Meteo)

Happy storming šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Storm “Sabine” is coming …

  1. Good day Erich,
    Yikes, Spring storms are never fun and can be quite volatile. Given your comments about the higher than normal temperatures and lack of snow certainly indicates climate issues. Here in Western Canada we had a record of excessive and continuous cold. For about 3 weeks we have daytime high temperatures around -25C and a number of lows reaching as low as -52C. A few times we were the coldest place on the planet which is not an honor that one should be proud of.
    With that said I hope your Spring Storm loses some of its punch so that you all are not affected too much!


    • Sam,
      wow, -52C! We rarely had below freezing in the lower areas this Winter which is very unusual. Storm “Petra” was non fun, and “Sabine” is supposted to be worse. The warnings are out not to be very careful and to watch out for falling trees. But I feel that most which was able to get down was handled by “Petra”, but we will see.


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