View to the South

Fantastic view to the South today on a hike around the ‘Engelstock’:

View to the South

The snow covered Swiss Alps in the background with Ingenbohl-Brunnen and Lake Lucerne in the middle and Lake Lauerz on the right. If you want to see the view from the peak (Mt. Hochflue) on the right, see this post.

Happy viewing:-)

Easter Blooming in the Time of COVID-19


It is the 4th week: Stores, school and universities are closed. Everyone should stay at home if possible. It is really a special situation, and there is no Easter traffic jam to the South.

For nature it means less pollution, there is much less traffic, and ideal to enjoy nature. But we should stay at home. I’m very happy that I live in a rural area and that I can enjoy this beautiful blooming tree behind the house.

Blooming Pear Tree

Blooming Pear Tree

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