Sleepless Night with Föhn

It has been a sleepless night with Föhn wind up to 100 km/h. The compensation for this is a mild temperature of 15°C. Plus that beautiful sunrise this early morning:

Föhn Sunrise

Föhn Sunrise

Happy Föhnig 🙂

Composition in Black, White, Orange and Blue


The Föhn Wind kept me up tonight: it was pretty strong with 90-110 km/h browsing through the central valleys of Switzerland. An amazing sunrise with colors I have rarely seen compensated for that restless night with a natural painting:

Morning Clouds

Morning Clouds with Föhn Wind

The clouds are arranged in lines: this because the Föhn Wind is building ‘standing wind waves over the mountains: if the wind goes up it, water condensate and builds the cloud lines.

Happy Föhning 🙂