Not for the faint-hearted: Almagell High-Altitude Trail Round Trip

A beautiful trail high above the timber line, spectacular views over the Saas Valley in Switzerland, this is the “Almageller Höhenweg”. The Saas Valley is located in the Canton Wallis in Switzerland, on the border to Italy.

Part of the hike is not for faint-hearted, but very spectacular.

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Shiny Green Damselfly

Among the many wonderful things that nature can provide, I love to watch damselflies flying above the water. It is pretty hard to catch one of these insects, but today I was lucky to capture one of these shiny predators:

Damselflies are similar to Dragonflies, but smaller and have slimmer bodies.

Happy flying 🙂

Aglais Urticae

Kleiner Fuchs (German), Small Tortoiseshell (English) or Algais Urticae is a colorful mid-size butterfly, found in most parts of Europe and across Asia. The caterpillars feed on nettles. With intensive farming and agriculture, nettles have been reduced and butterflies like this one have been impacted. With the recent trend to have more natural meadows, the population of butterflies like this one starts growing again. I hope to see more of them this year!

Happy Flying 🙂

View to the South

Fantastic view to the South today on a hike around the ‘Engelstock’:

View to the South

The snow covered Swiss Alps in the background with Ingenbohl-Brunnen and Lake Lucerne in the middle and Lake Lauerz on the right. If you want to see the view from the peak (Mt. Hochflue) on the right, see this post.

Happy viewing:-)

Just before the Snow

It has been snowing down to the lower areas in Switzerland the past days: Winter finally arrived in my area. So I consider last weekend the ‘weekend before winter’, at least in a meteorological sense. And because it was a wonderful ‘inversion’ situation with fog below and sunny sky above, it is a good time to share a few impressions.



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