Oeschinen Lake


This hike has been on my ‘must-hike’ list since last summer, and when I saw Urška writing about recently, it got definitely on my top list of things. The Oeschinen Lake (German: Oeschinensee) is a beautiful lake in the Bernese Overland, Switzerland, east of Kandersteg, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

Öschinensee from Heuberge

Oeschinensee view from Heuberg

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Mini Sumo Robot with Proximity Sensors

The new semester is approaching fast! And I’m under pressure to get everything lined up and ready. This time, I want the students of the INTRO (Infotronic) course at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts to have some fun with building and programming Mini-Sumo Robots 🙂

Opponent View

No chance to escape!

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Escaping the Heat Wave

The summer is showing off, and a heat wave is rolling over Europe and Switzerland with temperatures above 30 degree Celsius. Knowing physics, a way to escape the heat is: going up. And this is what we did. The downside of this is: I postponed my exploration of the Freedom KL25Z board. So instead of a tech post, this is a picture post :grin:…

To Hochflue from Gätterli

To Hochflue from Gätterli

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