Arnisee and Sunniggrat

There are so many mountains and lakes in Switzerland, probably impossible to visit them all. Something on my ‘bucket list’ for a long time was to get up to the Arnisee, and I finally did it.



The hike takes around 4-5 hours and uses two different cable car and public transportation from Amsteg back up to Intschi:

Arnisee Hike

Arnisee Hike (based on

Start at Intschi, then with the cable car up to the Arni lake. Pass the lake it and take the path through the forest up to the Sunniggrat (2033 m), then traverse to the Alp Furt, back to the Arni lake and then take the gondola down to Amsteg, take the bus back to Intschi.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the tour:

Happy Arning 🙂


8 thoughts on “Arnisee and Sunniggrat

  1. Erich,
    You are making me jealous. I lived in Germany for 6 years and traveled all over Europe but never once made it into Switzerland. At least I have a vicarious experience through you now. Thanks.


    • >>You are making me jealous.
      This was the purpose 😉
      I’m born in this area, and still there are so many beautiful places a few kilometers away I have not visited: there are just too many. And with COVID-19 more people realize that they don’t have travel far away to see stunning places.


  2. It is around the middle of winter here is oz and Victoria has less snow then you I expect, very poor season. The upside is Melbourne is locked down in stage 4, so a poor season helps the FOMO. Fingers crossed COVID doesn’t take out next winter as well.

    Love that first photo.


    • Hi Darren,
      we had a winter with record low snow levels, and glaciers are melting and fading away in Switzerland. If this continues, we might not have any ‘eternal ice’ any more in the alps in about 20 years or so.
      The first photo was a lucky one: the rising sun was just partially hiding behind clouds, otherwise difficult to get a shot into the sunlight.


      • yeah, I know the shot see it often, great to capture it. Not good re the glaciers, maybe the COVID experience will change some values.


  3. Hi Erich
    You have been in my home region 😉 definitively a nice place and hiking, Arnisee and Sunniggrätli! We are lucky to live in that wonderful country!
    Greetings Chris


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