Winter is coming in Switzerland, so is the second COVID-19 wave :-(. Time to look back and to share a beautiful hike at the Lake Sils (Silsersee) in Switzerland I enjoyed back this summer.



We started at Palü da Lägh and took the way up to Splüga and Grevasalvas and then down to Sils-Baselgia: from there we took the bus back to Palü da Lägh. Another way would be to take the ship or got back on the other side of the lake.

I hope you enjoy the virtual tour:

Start in Palü da Lägh

Enchanted Trail

Resting Place

View down to the lake

View back

Small mountain village Splüga

Stunning view from Sasc da Corn

on the way up to Grevasalvas

Grevasalvas, a beautiful small mountain village

Resting point view on the Via Engiadina

View to the East End of Lake Sils

Refreshing Creek Ova dal Crot

Mystic Granite Trail

Granite Trail in the Crappa

View back to the West End

Happy Silsering 🙂



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