Aglais Urticae

Kleiner Fuchs (German), Small Tortoiseshell (English) or Algais Urticae is a colorful mid-size butterfly, found in most parts of Europe and across Asia. The caterpillars feed on nettles. With intensive farming and agriculture, nettles have been reduced and butterflies like this one have been impacted. With the recent trend to have more natural meadows, the population of butterflies like this one starts growing again. I hope to see more of them this year!

Happy Flying 🙂

Hiking on the Border of Two Cantons


It was a very spontaneous hiking tour this Sunday afternoon: a hike up to the Wildspitz mountain and the border between the Canton Schwyz and Zug. Full of beautiful views, flowers and awesome butterflies!

The boarder between the Canton of Schwyz and Canton of Zug is marked with several stones. Below stone No. 18 (dated 1907) near at Langmatt:

Grenzstein Langmatt

Grenzstein Langmatt

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