Electrical Race Car Breaks Acceleration World Record

I’m very proud what our students can accomplish: they broke today the previous world record for acceleration in an electrical car:
From 0 to 100 km/h (62.1371 miles/h) in 1.785 seconds πŸ™‚

World Record Acceleration (Source: AMZ Racing)

World Record Acceleration (Source: AMZ Racing)

It only took 30 meters runway to reach 100 km/h :-).

Details: https://www.ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2014/11/Grimsel_bricht_Weltrekord.html

Happy Accelerating πŸ™‚

Formula Student Electric “grimsel” Testing in Alpnach

Here is another featured student project of this semester: Formula Student Electric (FSE). After the outstanding racing season with “Julier” in 2013, the students have designed and built a new and improved Formula Student Electric car “grimsel”, named after the Grimsel Mountain Pass.

Team Video:

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