Swiss Mountain Three-Pass-Tour: Susten – Grimsel – Furka

Winter is over in the lower areas, and with the snow melting in the upper areas, now most of the Swiss Alp mountain passes are open. Time to make my favorite motor bike tour: Susten Grimsel Furka. It is hard to share the feeling riding a flat engine through the mountains, but I can share pictures :-).

On the way to Susten

On the way to the Susten Pass

The roads are dream for every motor biker:

Mountain Road to the Susten Pass

Mountain Road to the Susten Pass

There is still a lot of snow in the higher areas, but flowers are blooming:

Spring is coming!

Spring is coming!

The Grimsel lake is very low right now, but will be filled quickly from melting snow and ice:

Grimsel Lake

Grimsel Lake

To give an idea about how much snow still is there: a picture from the Grimsel pass:

Lots of Snow on Grimsel

Lots of Snow on Grimsel: Selfie with motor bike

Wondering why the snow has an orange color? This comes from Sahara desert dust, brought by high altitude winds during the winter:

Snow with Sahara Dust

Snow with Sahara Dust

From the Grimsel pass, the view to the next pass: Furka. Need to drive down into the valley and then up on the other side:

View from Grimsel to Furka

View from Grimsel to Furka

The gang having a break on Furka Pass

The gang having a break on Furka Pass

We all arrived safely at home in the evening. Turned off the motor bike engines, and turned on instead the BBQ ‘engine’ to finish the day :-). And the forecast for next long weekend is promising….

Happy Passing 🙂


7 thoughts on “Swiss Mountain Three-Pass-Tour: Susten – Grimsel – Furka

  1. Thank you for the beautiful two minute vacation.

    There’s an English poem that says a picture is worth a thousand words. I think your photos are worth at least 2500 words each. 😉


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