Formula Student Electric “grimsel” Testing in Alpnach

Here is another featured student project of this semester: Formula Student Electric (FSE). After the outstanding racing season with “Julier” in 2013, the students have designed and built a new and improved Formula Student Electric car “grimsel”, named after the Grimsel Mountain Pass.

Team Video:

Virtual Assembly:

Real car 🙂 :

grimsel electrical formula student car

grimsel Formula Student Electric car

This weekend, more testing has been done on the airfield in Alpnach. “grimsel” technical data:

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 2955x1420x1130 mm)
  • Weight: 170 kg
  • Acceleration: 2.1s from 0 to 100 km/h
  • Range: 22 km at racing speed
  • Motors: 4 PMSM (attached to the weel) electrical motors, each 37 kW and 26.5 Nm
  • Battery: 448 LiPo Cells, 6.46 kWh, 470.4V, 15.6 Ah with recuperation
  • Chassis: Pregreg-Carbon-Monocoque
  • Motor Controller: 2 (left, right), single wheel traction control, torque vectoring
  • Aerodynamic: adjustable front and back wings, subfloor with diffuser, DRS (Drag Reduction System)

Additional information is available on the web site created by the students:

The 'garage'

The ‘garage’

Wheel with motor

Wheel with motor

Checking the Motor Controller

Checking the Motor Controller



Grimsel Back

Grimsel Rear Area


“grimsel” in action:

Happy Racing 🙂

5 thoughts on “Formula Student Electric “grimsel” Testing in Alpnach

  1. WOW! What a car.

    How much of the car did the students actually design and build? For instance, did they design and fabricate the chasis and body from scratch or did they start with a kit or available parts? Are the motors and gear boxes somewhat standard or were they custom built? Did they build and design all the electrical/ electronic stuff or was it available elsewhere?

    How long did it take to design and build it?

    In any case, they did an excellent job. I almost wish I were there to help or watch.

    Experience like that should get them great job opportunities.

    In the first video, there was a moving overhead shot. Was that from a UAV or just someone moving up high?

    Thanks for sharing. They have a lot to be proud of.


    • The have designed and build nearly everything themselves. Of course they bought parts (or got some of it sponsored), like the tires, cables, connectors. The two motor controllers are commercial ones (but they did their own special enclosure for it to reduce weight), same for the ECU controller. There are ideas to make our own ones next year too. Everything else they did, like fabricating the chassis, body, wheels, motors, etc. Yes, the motors are custom and their own design! So there was no kit or something like this. All the electronics, software, battery packaging they did themselves. The project started September last year, so 9 months. I don’t know how they did the overhead shot, I believe it was a UAV.


      • WOW!!!!
        I find it “overwhelming” that they could accomplish so much on their own time while taking a full class load at university. I would expect the same number of professional engineers to take a year or more working full time to accomplish something nearly as good. (And then have middle management take another six months to determine the car should have 7 red lines and some of those red lines should also be blue and invisible.) 😉

        It would great to watch a 90 – 120 minute video showing all the different phases of the build and how they solved some of the problems they faced.


        • They do this as part of their class work at the university. It is one of the modules/lectures they can take. Typically it is one semester worth of 6 ECTS credits, and another one worth 12 ECTS credits. One credit point is worth 30 hours of work. So yes, they invest a lot of time, and above and beyond that credit numbers. Still, they have to learn all the material, be at the team meetings, etc. So absolutely, they do exceptionally great, and are highly motivated. As for videos, check out their AMU youtube channel:


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