Easter Blooming in the Time of COVID-19

It is the 4th week: Stores, school and universities are closed. Everyone should stay at home if possible. It is really a special situation, and there is no Easter traffic jam to the South.

For nature it means less pollution, there is much less traffic, and ideal to enjoy nature. But we should stay at home. I’m very happy that I live in a rural area and that I can enjoy this beautiful blooming tree behind the house.

Blooming Pear Tree

Blooming Pear Tree

University labs and lectures all have been migrated to ‘distance learning’: combination of webinars, homework and electronic quizzes. This was (and still is) a lot of extra efforts for everyone, but on the plus side with this the ‘education industry’ gets more digital too.

Easter Blooming Tree

Easter Blooming Tree

The lock down will last at least for two extra weeks, and then there is a chance that the measures get lifted a bit. We all hope for the best.

Happy stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!

2 thoughts on “Easter Blooming in the Time of COVID-19

  1. Starve the virus of new victims by staying away from everyone possible seems to be the best and only defense for now. I’m glad like you, I live on a remote mountain with very few other people most the year. At this stage, the ski season might not happen, if we don’t starve this virus out of existence.


    • There is a lot of research going on, and it will be interesting to see the results. It could be that the ‘wash your hands’ and ‘don’t shake hands’ already could have a big impact, probably not enough for a below 1.0 infection rate. Once enough test kits are available we hopefully can see how many of us were infected without showing symptoms, but still infecting others. The good news is: it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully there is no second wave of infections coming. Stay healthy!


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