One Year after the Storm ‘Adrian’

Back in October 2018, the storm ‘Adrian’ has hit South Tyrol badly. With a wind speed up to 140 km/h and up to 400 mm rain it had a deep impact on the area. Killing an estimated number of 14 million trees.

Sole Tree

Sole Tree

The drone video shows the area just a few days after the event:

Now, nearly a year back, it is amazing to see how the work to cleanup this mess has progressed. I share below a series of pictures of a hike through the area. It is amazing to see that certain places or single trees somehow were not affected, where in other the destruction was nearly complete?

Most buildings are repaired by now, but the damaged caused is still visible everywhere. It will take many years to close the wounds. On the positive side: such events are always a chance for nature to bring up new life.

Happy Lumberjacking 🙂


4 thoughts on “One Year after the Storm ‘Adrian’

  1. Erich, great presentation. I hope there were no deaths from this. I was encouraged to see that the down wood was salvaged unlike some places that would just leave the resource to rot. Take care and keep these coming.


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