3-Lakes around the Brunschkopf at Seefeld/Tirol

Seefeld in Tirol/Austria is a beautiful hiking region, northwest of Innsbruck. Nearby there is a beautiful hike around the Brunschkopf (1510m) with views to three lakes. But most of them may appear only now and then.



The round tour starts in Seefeld going south-west around the Brunschkopf and takes about 4 hours. For a detailed description see https://www.seefeld.com/wandern/wanderwege/a-3-seen-rundwanderung-am-seefelder-plateau

The first lake is the Möserersee. The hike around the lake provides stunning views.



The other lakes on the tour are a-periodic (only may appear now and then), because the underground is a Karst formed by the dissolution of limestone: depending on the ground-water level they might appear, usually during the snow melting months and stay until September/October. After that, they turn back into a fertile swampland again. In some years they are only small or don’t appear at all. The first of these lakes is the Lottensee near the Lottenseehütte:

Lottensee with Tree

Lottensee with Tree

We passed the Wildmoossee which was barely visible through the trees. The lake at the Wildmoosalm is small but beautiful:

Lake at Wildmoosalm

Lake at Wildmoosalm

Happy Seefelding 🙂


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