Organizing Projects with Eclipse and Git

There are many ways to organize projects and workflows, and I would say Eclipse is flexible enough for everything. As I have been asked recently how I organize my projects, I’ll share it here.

Eclipse Workspace and Project Location with Git
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Visual Studio Code for C/C++ with ARM Cortex-M: Part 2 – Project

This is the second part of series or articles how to use the Microsoft Visual Studio Code for embedded development on ARM Cortex-M. In this part I’m going to show how to create and build a project using CMake running Make or Ninja as build system.

Building with Visual Studio a simple ARM Cortex-M Project (NXP K22FN512)
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Transforming Eclipse Linked Projects into Standalone Projects

Some silicon vendors provide their Eclipse example and SDK projects using linked files and folders. For example a bootloader demo application is provided in the context of an SDK or library. That’s fine until the time I want to transform such an example into a real project or if I want to have it without the hundreds of files for all the other devices I don’t need or use. I cannot take the project and put it into a version control system as the linked files won’t be in my VCS. I cannot move the project to another place as the links are pointing to many places. What I need is a ‘standalone’ project: a project which has all the needed files in it and is self-containing.

Eclipse Project with Linked Files

Eclipse Project with Linked Files and virtual groups

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