McuOnEclipse Components: 08-Nov-2015 Release

Time is flying fast, time for another McuOnEclipse components release on SourceForge with the following main changes and features:

  1. New component for Segger RTT makes adding a console communication interface super easy (and fast!)
  2. RTT support for the command line Shell component
  3. RTT component used for Percepio FreeRTOS Tracing
  4. Updated USB component, support for USB CDC blocking/waiting and endpoint configuration
  5. Updated FreeRTOS to V8.2.3, memory heap selection improved and setting for time slicing
  6. RingBuffer implements a Delete() method
  7. Extended Kinetis SDK support in components, added by default
Segger RTT Console

Segger RTT Console

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Listing Code and Data Size for each Source File with GNU and Eclipse

I have used the ‘classic’ CodeWarrior IDE for years, before I moved over to Eclipse some years ago. And as with any IDE or tool switch, things are different in the ‘new world’. In summary, I don’t want to go back anyway, and Eclipse is my development tool of choice now. But from time to time I get challenged about something like “hey, this was possible in the previous tool, so how can I do the same in Eclipse?”. As a fan of Eclipse, this then gets my attention as I feel that Eclipse can do it, and it can do it better. 😉

So what about this one: In CodeWarrior the project view lists code and data size for each source file:

Code And Data Size in CodeWarrior

Code And Data Size in CodeWarrior

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Eclipse Debugging with Strings – Part 2

Maybe a better title for this post would be “Eclipse Debugging with Strings Attached’? Digging a bit more into the domain of string debugging, things are not always the way I wish they are.

I’m using here CodeWarrior for MCU10.2, which is based on Eclipse 3.6. Let’s use the following piece of code with the ARM Cortex-M4 Kinetis K60 core and the Freescale ARM compiler:

char buf[] = "abcd";
char *p = &buf[0];

unsigned char ubuf[]="ABCD";
unsigned char *up = &ubuf[0];

signed char sbuf[]="1234";
signed char *sp = &sbuf[0];

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CRC Calculation with MCU10

With USB goes medical I have a serial-to-USB (CDC) support for my TWR-S08MM128 board. What makes these devices targeted for medical applications interesting for other applications are features like bootloader support and a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)  engine. But how can I generate the required CRC numbers with MCU10?

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Templates and Stationeries with MCU10.2

Classic CodeWarrior used the concept of ‘Stationeries’ or ‘Project Templates’: If I have a project which you want to use as a starting point for ‘Create new project’, then I moved that project into the ‘Stationery’ sub-folder of my classic CodeWarrior. When I did a File > New Project…, it showed up in the project wizard:

My own stationery project in the classic new project wizard

My own stationery project in the classic new project wizard

This is very useful if I have my corporate template or using projects in a classroom environment. How can I do this in eclipse and CodeWarrior for MCU10.2?

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Back to Classic: FreeRTOS for Freescale S12(X)

One thing which is missing with the CodeWarrior for MCU10.2 announcement: MCU10.2 does not support the S12(X) from Freescale.

With this I still have several projects not ported to eclipse. So they are still implemented using the ‘classic’ (non-eclipse based) version of CodeWarrior for S12(X). And I’m using FreeRTOS in the eclipse based IDE with Processor Expert for S08, ColdFire and Kinetis, but not yet for the S12(X). What now?
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