Percepio FreeRTOS+Trace V2.2.2 released

Percepio has released a new V2.2.2 library of FreeRTOS+Trace (see Tracing with FreeRTOS+Trace from Percepio). The new release comes with many improvements. The trace recording is optimized for more efficient recording and longer trace with the same amount of memory.

Note: Because the trace data structure is changed and optimized, I need the latest tool on the PC/host from

I have updated the Percepio Processor Expert component to generate and use the new trace library V2.2.2. This includes the new settings in the component properties as shown below:
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Tracing with FreeRTOS+Trace from Percepio

As shown in Tracing FreeRTOS with a Hardware Probe: I have a nice hardware probe to trace out events from my application. But what about to use the target memory as trace buffer? New devices have much more on-chip memory, so this could be an attractive option. That was on my list of future extensions, but then the news came in: Percepio announced their collaboration with FreeRTOS+Trace: exactly what I needed!

It is using the same concept as the FreeRTOS Trace Probe: the trace hooks provided by the FreeRTOS API. But instead streaming it off the target as with the FreeRTOS Trace probe, it is using a RAM buffer on the device. The real cool thing is: the Percepio trace viewer is very, very nice!

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