Uninstalling Eclipse Plugins

Installation of Eclipse plugins is really ease: I use the menu Help > Install New Software, point to the update site and I have it installed. Uninstallation of a plugin is not that obvious. Not sure why it is so hidden, and yes, I rarely need to uninstall a plugin. But from time to time I try out a new plugin, and if it does not fit my needs, I want to get it removed. How to uninstall it?

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Percepio FreeRTOS+Trace V2.2.2 released

Percepio has released a new V2.2.2 library of FreeRTOS+Trace (see Tracing with FreeRTOS+Trace from Percepio). The new release comes with many improvements. The trace recording is optimized for more efficient recording and longer trace with the same amount of memory.

Note: Because the trace data structure is changed and optimized, I need the latest tool on the PC/host from http://www.percepio.se/index.php?page=downloads.

I have updated the Percepio Processor Expert component to generate and use the new trace library V2.2.2. This includes the new settings in the component properties as shown below:
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Killing Me Softly: Zombies and Debugger Engines

I’m stressing the CodeWarrior debugger a lot: having multiple boards attached, debugging things in parallel, switching and unplugging boards all the time. I have my eclipse IDE running for several days and nights (up to a week or more), with constantly suspending and resuming and switching networks. And sometimes it is my fault (see Device is Secure?). But well, sometimes the CodeWarrior debugger has a problem too. Luckily, a simple trick gets things back on track.

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