Ride on the World Record Funicular

With travel much restricted during these COVID-19 times, it is always good to explore adventures nearby. Something we just did recently was a hike on the nearby Stoos. The weather during the hike was not that good with rain showers, but the ride back down to the valley with the funicular railway was really spectacular:



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Three more Reasons to Commute by Train in Switzerland


Commuting to work can be boring. I’m gifted that I can use the Swiss train system, and I wrote about the “10 Reasons Why I Love my Train Commute“.


Train at Immensee Station

Brendon asked if I need more reasons. I don’t. But there are indeed three more reasons I can share from my work commute today: Three lakes in three minutes. First Lake Lucerne on the right side, then Lake Zug on the left and finally Lake Lauerz on the right. Enjoy the ride:

Happy Commuting πŸ™‚