Sunrise with Swan on Lake Lucerne


Title says everything 😉

Sunrise in Lucerne

Sunrise in Lucerne

Picture from this morning at 6:45am. Getting back to work after spending a hiking week in the Dolomites with two more posts to go. Going to work has its own beauty.

Happy Swaning 🙂

Walking to Work: Sunrise with Rigi


Getting to work early has some benefits, and one is watching the sun rising up while using the train or walking to the office.
I catched this one this morning: a beautiful sunrise over Lake Lucerne, with the Rigi mountain in the back:

Rigi Sunrise

Rigi Sunrise

Happy Working 🙂

Three more Reasons to Commute by Train in Switzerland


Commuting to work can be boring. I’m gifted that I can use the Swiss train system, and I wrote about the “10 Reasons Why I Love my Train Commute“.


Train at Immensee Station

Brendon asked if I need more reasons. I don’t. But there are indeed three more reasons I can share from my work commute today: Three lakes in three minutes. First Lake Lucerne on the right side, then Lake Zug on the left and finally Lake Lauerz on the right. Enjoy the ride:

Happy Commuting 🙂



Kapellbrücke Luzern

Kapellbrücke Luzern: Sunset over the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

Nearly every day I travel through Lucerne by train. One of the most beautiful places in Lucerne is just a few meters away from the train station: The Kapellbrücke. Today I realized that I have never posted a picture of it. And because we had such a beautiful sunset light this evening, here we go:

Happy Bridging 🙂