Ride on the World Record Funicular

With travel much restricted during these COVID-19 times, it is always good to explore adventures nearby. Something we just did recently was a hike on the nearby Stoos. The weather during the hike was not that good with rain showers, but the ride back down to the valley with the funicular railway was really spectacular:



The funicular railway to the Stoos has been rebuilt back in 2017 and keeps the world record with a 110% maximum incline for a funicular railway (Fact sheet).

💡 The Katoomba Scenic Railway in Australia even has an 128% incline, but it is considered as ‘inclined lift’ and not as ‘funicular’.

The railway goes from Schlattli to Stoos (1740 m distance, 744 m elevation). The cabins rotate during the ride to compensate automatically the different incline levels, making the ride very comfortable. Each of the four cabins fit up to 34 passengers with spectacular views.

Below the video from the Stoos village station down to the base station in Schlattli:

Below a documentary video about the construction:

Happy riding 🙂

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