A Dangerous Game with Fire & Ice: Methane Gas on Lake Lauerz


Maybe you remember my recent post “Schwanau on Ice” with walking on the frozen Lake Lauerz? I mentioned in that post that there are natural gas bubbles caught under the ice. There is a long (and dangerous!) tradition to burn that gas. That this is really dangerous shows this a short video going viral on ‘WhatsApp’ today:

Methan Explosion

Methane Gas Explosion (Source: http://www.20min.ch)

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Ice Flowers


Waiting in the cold in the early morning can have an aesthetic aspect:

Ice Flowers

Ice Flowers

When ice builds beautiful structures on glass we call it ‘Eis Blume‘ (‘Ice Flowers’). In the past this happened on the windows in unheated buildings. These days it is a rare species with all the heated building. This one is more like snow flakes building up nice structures. With the sun coming up in the background their beauty will be gone very soon….

Happy Icing .-)