Schwanau on Ice

During cold winters the Lake Lauerz gets covered with ice. And if it is cold enough for a few weeks it gets enough ice to have it completely covered more than 15 cm of ice. That’s the time of the year to enjoy a walk or to play ice hokey:

Schwanau mit Mythen

Schwanau mit Mythen

Lake Lauerz is one of the few unregulated lakes on the north side of the Alps in Switzerland. When it gets covered with ice, it still might be dangerous as natural gas could weaken the ice. The island has a castle on it which has been built around the year 1200 and was destroyed around the year 1250.

Panorama on Ice

Panorama on Ice (click to enlarge)

From top of the castle tower (or what remains) there is a beautiful view.

Rigi on Ice

Rigi on Ice

Cold winter and ice have its beauty. The lake is not officially open to the public: the natural gas could build holes in the ice and are dangerous if covered with snow.

I enjoyed the stroll on the ice and climbing up to the castle tower. I enjoyed less the icy stairway with that sudden but short 0 g experience. I still do not think I broke my left arm, but it definitely hurts a lot after hours, and typing with mostly one hand is awkward. Maybe a bag of ice can help :-).

Happy Icing 🙂

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