Processor Expert Component *.PEupd Files on GitHub

The MCUonEclipse GitHub repository is great for everyone which is familiar with Git or GitHub. Prevsiouly I was hosting my Processor Expert components on Exporting and maintaining the Processor Expert Update Files (*.PEupd) one by one is a lot of effort. GitHub makes things a lot easier, but again: you need to be familiar with it. And not everyone is ‘gitting’ yet. To help the rest of the world (the non-Gitter), I have now published Processor Expert update files for all the components in the repository, so it is easier to install them.

PEupd Files on GitHub

The Processor Expert Update files are available on

PEupd on GitHub

PEupd on GitHub

Because there is a limitation (or better: bug?) in the Processor Expert component exporter, it was not possible to expert all components in a single file: I hit a file number limit :-(. That’s why there are two files: Part1 and Part2. the readme.txt file lists which components are in which file.


Download the *.PEupd files, and then import them into CodeWarrior. For CodeWarrior for MCU10.x use the Processor Expert menu:

Import Components

Import Components

:idea: I can select multiple *.PEupd and import multiple files in a single step.

Done :-)


I will update the source files on GitHub on a regular base, as always. But because creating the *.PEupd files is an extra step and effort, I will *not* always update them too. You can see from the file name (date) how recent they are. If you want to be on the bleeding edge of the development, then fork or sync with the Git repository. Otherwise: the *.PEupd files should be a more convenient way to install the components.

Happy Updating :-)

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26 thoughts on “Processor Expert Component *.PEupd Files on GitHub

  1. Thank you Erich. That was exactly what I was waiting for. I did not finde the Time to get familar with git and now I can get your PE components this way until I find the time to get GIT working for me


    • Sorry that it tock so long to get to that point. My biggest weakness is that I think what I know or have learned is kind of obvious to everyone. That’s why my family always needs to pull me back on the ‘non-geek-ground’ ;-)

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  7. Hi,

    I had the same Problem as Slava Li – and solved it the same way :-)

    Great Work! Thank your Mr. Styger

    Best Regards
    Markus krug

  8. Erich,

    What would be the best Example project for me to start with to do a USB MSD device on MCF51JM128 chip? I’ll be starting with the DEMOJM board to prototype my new hardware.
    I’d like to do it using as much of your components, etc. as possible. Thinking of this chip because the project calls for a 5V micro.

    Thanks, Bill

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