New MCUXpresso IDE v11.3.1

NXP has released an updated version of the Eclipse based MCUXpresso IDE: the V11.3.1 is an update of the v11.3.0 I wrote about it back in January this year.

The release includes new device support, and beside of bug fixes includes a few new things.

The Welcome screen shows now up by default again: something useful for new users (or students) using the IDE the first time:

Welcome View

The release includes updated probe binaries for PEMicro (P&E) and SEGGER.

With the NXP MCU-Link debug probe more and more popular, the new IDE comes with a new addition: it recognizes if an attached MCU-Link debug probe needs an update and points to the update file:

If using any LinkServer (MCU-Link, LPC-Link2, …) connection I highly recommend to use the new version because of a fixed issue reported in the community.

Happy Xpressing 🙂


2 thoughts on “New MCUXpresso IDE v11.3.1

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