Play a Sound at the End of the Build with Eclipse

Using Post-Build feature in Eclipse is a great way to augment a build with all kind of actions. What if the build takes a long time and you want to get notified? One way is to play a sound at the end of the build process.

Post-Build Step with a Sound Action

There are for sure different ways for this, but what worked for me under Windows is to call a small batch file present in my project called ‘beep.bat’ with following content:

powershell -c (New-Object Media.SoundPlayer "C:\Windows\Media\notify.wav").PlaySync()
Beep Batch File

Then I call this batch file from the post-build settings:

post-build beep step
post-build beep step

Make sure you have the Windows audio enabled and volume turned on. With this, there is a nice sound of my choice at the end of the build process.

The above screenshots are for the MCUXpresso IDE. If using CodeWarrior then the build steps are a bit different, but the same approach works there too. Just use

call ../beep.bat

instead :-).

Beep Post-Build Step in CodeWarrior IDE

With this you can turn the build into a sound generation event (just be sure you don’t upset your office neighbor if any) ;-).

Happy Sounding šŸ™‚

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