Enhancing Binary Utilities in MCUXpresso IDE

The NXP MCUXpresso IDE has a nice context menu for executing different actions on a binary in the Eclipse Project Explorer View:

Binary Utilities

What it makes it even nicer: I can configure and use it to do anything I like. For example I can convert files and copy it in one action.

The ‘Binary Utilities’ is a context menu I can use on the project (.axf, ELF/Dwarf) or object file.

What makes it really versatile is the fact that I can configure the commands which are executed in the workspace preferences (Menu Window > Preferences):

Utility Command Settings in Workspace Preferences

I cannot change the command name showing up in the menu, but I can easily change what command gets executed. So I can use pretty much anything I want, just change the command.

I even can execute multiple commands in one: just chain them separated by a semicolon plus a space. For example I can generate the Intel Hex plus the S19 file the following way:

arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex "${FileName}" "${FileBaseName}.hex"; arm-none-eabi-objcopy -v -O srec "${FileName}" "${FileBaseName}.s19"

Or I can use it to copy the resulting file to a remote host with scp:

scp with Binary action

That way I can do pretty much everything with that context menu, or abuse it to do my own custom actions.

Happy Utiliting 🙂


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