Copy of Processor Expert Components

Many times I have Processor Expert components carefully configured in one project, and then I want to have the same thing in another project. There is actually an easy way to carry out this: to copy components from one project to another.

In a earlier post I showed how to use Processor Expert templates to transfer settings: while this is powerful, it is complicated and not easy to use. Honestly, I stopped using that way except for cases I need to send settings by email.

The other way is to use drag&drop: This was the only good way with CodeWarrior for MCU10.2.

But with Eclipse based CodeWarrior for MCU10.3 there is a much easier way: I can copy components and past them into another project, even in another Eclipse workspace/instance.

For this I can select one or multiple components and use CTRL-C or the context menu:

Copy of Processor Expert Components

Copy of Processor Expert Components

Then I can paste them into the other project using CTRL-V or the Paste context menu:

Paste of Components

Paste of Components

Three things to mention:

  1. Pasting many components can take a lot of time, as Processor Expert seems not very fast with creating the pasted components. So be patient and watch the progress information.
  2. Especially for components having dependencies to other components, it is usually better to copy-paste them one after each other. Processor Expert tries to create the dependant components automatically, and if you are not careful, you end up with too many components created.
  3. It happened to me that the ‘Paste’ context menu was somehow not always available if I used the ‘paste’ operation on a component folder (not sure why?). What worked always was to use the ‘paste’ on an existing component.

Happy Copying 🙂

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