Changing Initialization Sequence in Processor Expert

Now I have implemented a watchdog with Processor Expert for my system. But what I have found out? I ended up with a looping system, and the watchdog did not fire 😦

What went wrong?

My code was looping in the initialization sequence of my wireless transceiver:

Watchdog did not trigger

Watchdog did not trigger

Ok, but this should have been catched by the watchdog, or not?

Actually not, as the watchdog obviously get enabled *afterwards*:

PE_low_level Init

PE_low_level Init

There is a Processor Expert view to change the sequence, accessible with the menu Window > Show View:

Initialization Sequence View

Initialization Sequence View

This view gives me the opportunity to view and change the initialization sequence:

Processor Expert Initialization Sequence View

Processor Expert Initialization Sequence View

Using the ‘up’ arrow I can make it first in the list:

Up Button to make it first in list

Up Button to make it first in list

Now the watchdog is enabled before any other component:

Watchdog Init

Watchdog Init


❗ This only affects the initialization within PE_low_level_init(). To enable the watchdog right after reset, I would need to set this up in the CPU component.


The Initialization Sequence view of Processor Expert gives me a way to change the initialization order of my components. Of course certain things I cannot affect, or if there is an explicit dependency between components. But with that view I have an easy way to control the sequencing.

Happy Sequencing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Changing Initialization Sequence in Processor Expert

  1. As always, very useful post Erich! A question related to this post (I have searched it the specific post but I don’t found 😦 ):
    I need to block the content of generated code by Processor Expert to avoid the automatic regeneration code when I compile the project.
    Is it possible to have generated code files with automatic regeneration code disabled and other generated code files with regeneration code enabled?

    Thank you very much for your help Erich!

    Ángel G.


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