Configure hidden and internal Shortcuts in Eclipse

A very useful feature in Eclipse is Ctrl+Shift+L which lists all the available shortcuts:

List of Shortcuts

List of Shortcuts

Pressing Ctrl+Shift-L again will open up a dialog where I can configure them. But what if the shortcut or action is not listed there?

The thing is that by default uncategorized and internal shortcuts are filtered by default.

To configure them, press the ‘Filters..’ button and deselect the filters:

Deselecting Key Filter

Deselecting Key Filter

Now I have access to many more actions and functions I can configure with a keyboard shortcut, including custom debug actions:

Uncategorized key actions

Uncategorized key actions


Happy configuring 🙂



6 thoughts on “Configure hidden and internal Shortcuts in Eclipse

  1. Thanks, maybe this will help me … one of the frustrating things using both Mac and PC versions of MCUXpresso is that they react differently to keypresses. HOME/END on one might go to start/end of line while the other goes to start/end of file, really annoying!

    Of course the biggest issue with Mac version is that the windows corrupt for any horizontal scrolling, that’s a pretty big issue too!


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