Shortcut to Switch between Eclipse Perspectives

To switch between perspectives I can use the toolbar in Eclipse:

Eclipse Perspective Toolbar

Eclipse Perspective Toolbar

But there must be another or better way to do this?

Actually there is another way: I can use <CTRL>+<F8> on Windows or <CMD>+<F8> on Mac and I can use it to switch the perspective:



Press again <CTRL>+<F8>, and it will select the next perspective.

Happy Perspecting 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shortcut to Switch between Eclipse Perspectives

  1. I also love key shortcuts. They speed up my work processes a lot (I usually put them on some F-keys). Sadly Eclipse doesn’t support key shortcuts very well.
    Do you know a way to run/debug the last launched binary? There is a shortcut to run the “last launched external tool”, how ever for run/debug I couldn’t find a way 😦
    What ever I try, it always opens the “run as” list. Same behaviours exists when you click on the run/debug button in the toolbar.


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