Easy Box Making for Laser Cutters

I love my laser cutter because it makes it easy to create nice wood boxes:

Wood Box

Wood Box

A convenient way to design such a box is to use http://www.makercase.com. On that page, I enter all the parameters and it will create the drawing for such a box.

Box Design

Box Design

One way is to export the data in JSON format:


What I usually use are the following parameters:

  • 4 mm thickness
  • Kerf beam with / 2: 0.1 mm
  • Line stroke for vector cutting: 0.254 mm with color #ff0000 (red)

I can create the drawing of the design and then import it into Inkscape:

Box Design in Inkscape

Box Design in Inkscape

From there, I can use the K40 Whisperer software to send it to the laser cutter.

Laser Cut Plywood Box

Laser Cut Plywood Box

Happy Boxing 🙂

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