Hiking around the Rothenflue

This time we were hiking around the Rothenflue: a wonderful area close by the Grosser Mythen, with stunning views.

Gleitschirm über Talkessel von Schwyz

Gleitschirm über Talkessel von Schwyz

The map below shows the trail: Ibergeregg – Müsliegg – Rothenflue – Stäglerenegg – Müsliegg – Ibergeregg.

The numbers reference to the pictures used in this post (click to enlarge).

Wanderung Rothenflue

Wanderung Rothenflue

We started from the Ibergeregg (1406 m), with warm and beautiful weather.

Weg von Ibergeregg

Weg von Ibergeregg (1)

From above the Alpwirtschaft Zwäcken: the Rothenflue in the background. On the right the Grosse Mythen (1889 m).

Alpwirtschaft Zwäcken

Alpwirtschaft Zwäcken (2)

anorama Alpwirschaft Zwäcken

Panorama Alpwirschaft Zwäcken (2)

From there down to the Müsliegg. There is always time to rest or build one a small stone monument.

Steimandli Müsliegg

Steimandli Müsliegg (3)

From the Müsliegg it goes up to the Rothenflue, with the Mythen peaks in sight.

Aufstieg Müsliegg

Aufstieg Müsliegg (4)

With going up, a beautiful view back from where we came from:

Panorama Aufstieg Müsliegg

Panorama Aufstieg Müsliegg (5)

Getting up to the Rothenflue, which is a popular starting point for paragliding:

 Panorama Aufstieg zur Rotenflue

Panorama Aufstieg zur Rotenflue (6)

There are several starting points, one just below the old cable car station:

Startplatz Rothenflue

Startplatz Rothenflue (6)

Reminds me that I wanted to do this for a long time too. Maybe finally I get the time to learn paragliding.

Gleitschirm über Talkessel von Schwyz

Gleitschirm über Talkessel von Schwyz (6)

From the Rothenflue, a wunderful view over the valley of Schwyz:

Panorama von Rothenflue

Panorama von Rothenflue (7)

View to the Grosse Mythen: I was up there about 7 years ago, so definitely would like to get up there again, but not this time.

Grosse Mythen von Rothenflue

Grosse Mythen von Rothenflue (7)

Paragliding is very popular. For delta wing gliders there is dedicated starting platform on top of the Rothenflue:

DDeltasegler Startplatz Rothenflue

Deltasegler Startplatz Rothenflue (8)

Instead starting from the Ibergeregg, another way is to take the Gondola from Schwyz up to the Rothenflue:

Rothenflue Gondelbahn

Rothenflue Gondelbahn (9)

If you plan to use the Gondola or getting up to the Grosse Mythen, then have a read at Hiking the Grosser Mythen (by Slovenian Girl Abroad).

From the station, the trail descended down returning to our starting point

Abstieg von Rothenflue Bahn

Abstieg von Rothenflue Bahn (9)

On the way back, there is small but beautiful and exposed spot, the ‘Känzeli’:


Känzeli (10)


Känzeli (10)

Känzeli Aussicht

Känzeli Aussicht (10)

It was a wonderful hike: around 3 hours with breaks, full of stunning views. I hope you find this inspiring.

Happy Hiking 🙂


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