The Legend and the Fairy Tale of Lago di Carezza

The Lago di Carezza (German: Karersee) is an emerald green mountain lake in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. It not only features an amazing emerald color: there is a legend and fairy tale too about it.



The lake is located in the upper Val d’Ega. An easy hiking trail goes around the lake. The lake is feed by subterraneous springs from the nearby Latemar mountain group, and the water level is constantly changing, with highest levels in spring and lowest level in October time frame.

Lago di Carezza

Lago di Carezza

Because of its impressive colours it is called as well “Lec de Ergobando” or “Rainbow Lake”. And there is a fairy tale around the lake:

Once upon a time, there was a mermaid living in the lake. The wizard Masaré  was in love with her. In order to seduce her, he followed the advice of the witch Lanwerda to dress up as a jewel merchant and to throw a rainbow between the Mt Catinaccio and Mt Latemar. The wizard did this, but he forgot to dress up as a jewel merchant. The beautiful mermaid realized that he was a wizard and disappeared in the lake. The wizard then threw the rainbow and all the jewels into the lake. That’s why the lake still features such beautiful colours.

Lago Di Carezza

Lago Di Carezza

Happy Carezzing 🙂

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