Processor Expert CDE: Debug Verbose Mode

I have one rule I try to follow every day: my code shall be warning free. Writing software for multiple compilers gets challenging with this rule, but it avoids the ‘not seeing the forest because of the trees’ problem. This rule extends to writing Processor Expert components with CDE (Component Development Environment). What I have missed (and not used) is a useful option to enable debug output:

Enable Processor Expert Components Debug Verbose Mode

Enable Processor Expert Components Debug Verbose Mode

Setting that option requires an Eclipse restart, and after that Processor Expert generates messages to the Console and Problems view.

❗ This option is only really useful if you are *developing* Processor Expert components.

No surprise, now I have tons of warnings and errors :-(. For example it complains about things like this:

Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
ERROR: at line 4: {{DEVELOPMENT}} The symbol "IncludeISRTracing" was used without testing %ifdef or %if defined(). It's recommended to use %get() instead (if possible). (file: Beans\PercepioTrace\PercepioTrace.chg)    INTRO_Zumo        RTOSTRC1    Processor Expert Problem

This means I need to add safety checks to some parts of my scripts. For the above message I change

%if %IncludeISRTracing='yes'


%if defined(IncludeISRTracing) & %IncludeISRTracing='yes'

and there is one message less :-).

I’m in the process to go through them and fix them one after each other. Once finished, I’ll publish the new component code on GitHub.

Happy Verbosing 🙂

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