Eclipse Indexer Debug Tips

Eclipse includes a background parser called ‘Indexer’ which is used to assist the developer with various kind of information, for example jumping to a variable declaration or definition. Basically it is a parser running in the background collecting information about the sources and building up that ‘index’ data base.

indexer debug output

indexer debug output

In case of problems, I recommend rebuilding the index:

Rebuild Eclipse Index

Rebuild Eclipse Index

If this does not help, check the Indexer settings. I recommend unchecking ‘Allow heuristic resolution of includes’ especially for more complex projects:

Indexer options

Indexer options

Have a look to the ‘Paths and Symbols’ information: sometimes especially if a project has been copied or not properly configured it keeps orphaned entries which can be removed.

Paths and Symbols

Paths and Symbols

Finally a debug log of the indexer could be helpful. For this create a text file with following content (e.g. IndexerDebugOptions.txt):


Then launch the Eclipse IDE from a console/command prompt with the -debug option pointing to that file (example for the NXP MCUXpresso IDE):

mcuxpressoide.exe -debug IndexerDebugOptions.txt

This produces a log to the console which can be helpful tracking down a problem:

indexer debug output

indexer debug output

Happy Indexing 🙂


3 thoughts on “Eclipse Indexer Debug Tips

  1. I don’t think it’s related but I wondered … on MAC MCUXpresso status along bottom there’s a section showing right now 440M of 1288M with a trash bin (that says run garbage collector); I’ve never seen it “finish”!

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