OpenPnP Solder Dispenser Sneak Preview

Many of you are aware of that DIY Pick&Place machine build documented in “Building a DIY SMT Pick&Place Machine with OpenPnP and Smoothieboard (NXP LPC1769)“.

That machine has now been modified to dispense solder paste. I did not had time yet to describe the build, but as I have received recently many questions: here are some pre-information about the build:

Solder Paste Dispenser

Solder Paste Dispenser

The existing dual-place head has been modified:

  • instead of the right head, there is now a head to dispense solder paste
  • the past head is removable
  • Dedicated stepper motor for the pump (the pick&place stepper was not powerful enough)
  • Auger pump for precision pasting
  • 3D printed pump enclosure
  • extra USB camera focusing on the base spot
  • pressure to the solder paste syringe is provided by the place pump (for placing the pump generates under-pressure, for pasting over-pressure)
  • possible to manually paste solder
  • dedicated controller PCB with stepper driver using NXP K20DX128 MCU (ARM Cortex-M4)
  • Firmware running FreeRTOS, developed on Eclipse
  • Everything runs with OpenPnP šŸ™‚
Solder Paste Dispenser Head

Solder Paste Dispenser Head

Post a comment if you are interested in more details, and I see how I can get the article a priority.

Happy Pasting šŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “OpenPnP Solder Dispenser Sneak Preview

  1. Hi, thanks for setting this up. Can you give an exact link fto buy recommended auger pump? I tried to search from auger pump from but could not find it from there.

    Also the link for the more powerfull stepper motor and 3d model for the pump enclosure would be useful. Does the mounting of pump need a different holder than what is needed for the pnp machine?


    • Part number of the pump is DFS16-A.
      You can use the same holder as present on the machine. I don’t have the 3D model of the 3D printed part, I have to check if I can find it.
      The motor is the QSH2818 from Trinamic.


  2. Hello Erich,
    at the moment I’m trying to integrate a paste dispenser to open PnP but any kind documentation of how to integrate it is hard to find. Could you describe the changes you made in openPnP?
    Thanks in advance


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