Christmas Tree Robot Challenge

The last challenge of the robotics course of this Fall semester had to be something special: This time it was about a ‘beauty contest’ followed by a line following challenge. Motto: Merry Christmas Time!

The first part where students were able to earn points: a Christmas Robot Beauty Contest. they had one week of preparation time, and the results were amazing!

Christmas Sumo Robots

Christmas Sumo Robots ready for judging

Pictures of the robots:

The second part was a line following contest: they only had one hour of preparation time, and the robots had to follow the lines of a Christmas tree. Below a picture during that practice time:

It was so much fun that I missed to record videos, so here is a just what I have from the test rounds.

I hope you enjoy it :-).

Congratulations to the winner(s)!

Happy Christmas 🙂

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