Embedded Computing Conference 2018: Pick&Place Overview Video

To support my talk next week at the Embedded Computing Conference 2018, I have put together a video with the hardware features of that Pick&Place based on OpenPnP machine based on NXP LPC1769 and NXP Kinetis K22. Below is a picture of the current machine:

Pick & Place Machine

Pick & Place Machine

The machine has a dual-vision system with a dual head, and the control software runs on the NXP LPC1769. The auto-feeders are running with a NXP Kinetis K20DX128 on each feeder and a NXP Kinetis K22FN512 (tinyK22) is the feeder master between the LPC1769 and the bank of feeders.

The one below shows how the software works:

Happy Picking 🙂


5 thoughts on “Embedded Computing Conference 2018: Pick&Place Overview Video

  1. Nice work! I got my assistant started on setting up OpenPNP on our TVM802A and it sounds like he’s making some progress. He says the software is a lot easier to use than what the machine came with. It’s the only piece of equipment in my shop that I didn’t set up personally and that I’ve never really used so the machine is a bit of a mystery to me.

    I did weld a pretty nice steel stand for it, though.


    • Thanks! I really like the OpenPnP software: it is easy to use and easy to extend with additional Java snippets. And most configuration can be done using XML configuration files. It took me a while to have it configured, but now it is really working well.


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