Kinetis Drone: First Test Flights

Over the weekend, I finally have repaired the broken ESC (see “Kinetis Drone: Graupner ESC S3055 Failure“). Time to run some first test flights :-).

Kinetis Drone Flying Tests

Kinetis Drone Flying Tests

Initially I had a problem that the rotation direction of two motors were inverse :-(. Easily fixed that with swapping the wires to the brushless DC motors.I have tied the FRDM-K22F with electrical isolation tape on the top of the copter:

Kinetis Drone taped together

Kinetis Drone taped together

Below is a video of some tests in-house, carefully driving the motors.

After that, I did some tests outside with higher motor speeds. To keep things safe, I tied the quadrocopter down to the ground (and this was really a good idea ;-)).

Copter on the ground

Copter Tied to the Ground

Below is a short video:


The hardware is working, the Graupner remote control is communicating to the FRDM-K22F. I need to think about a better wiring of the FRDM-K22F board with the servos, right now electrical tape is keeping things together. For now, the control loop is very rough and not fine tuned yet. I need to improve that, and I plan to write some articles about the control loop and PID.

Happy Flying 🙂


8 thoughts on “Kinetis Drone: First Test Flights

  1. Great news! I’m looking forward for articles about PID – naive implementation is quite simple, but I bet you will use something more advanced, like feed forward or sth. BTW: have you considered other control methods like LQR?


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