INTRO Mini Sumo Tournament 2013: Lots of Fun!

It was Friday the 13th, and it was Sumo Battle Day :-). After 3 months of tinkering, hacking and creatively improving the Mini Sumo Bots, finally the the course tournament took place.

Get Ready

With using a different room, every team had a chance to warm up and recalibrate the sensors for the new environment.

Warming up for the battles

Getting ready for the battles

The time was used to apply last-minute changes and improvements too, plus to record the last Robo Portraits.

Robo Portraits

A total of 21 robots were present (with the group numbers, some groups have built two robots). The previous portrait video has been extended and features now the lineup of all Sumo Bots:

  1. #0 Blind Cow
  2. #1 Dr. Zuefall
  3. #2 M.O.N.T.E
  4. #3 Wall-E
  5. #4 Coffee Rider
  6. #5a K.I.S.S
  7. #5b The lord of the wings
  8. #6 Flying Dutchman
  9. #7 ShiMotori Norio
  10. #8 Pokerface
  11. #9 noSense
  12. #11 Gebrüder Schmidig
  13. #12 Yoda
  14. #13 HAL 9000
  15. #14 sumo_maastaaa
  16. #15 Regenbogen Kämpfer
  17. #16 Schönbächler in Kanada
  18. #17 Fredy the Commander!
  19. #19a Banana
  20. #19b Banana II
  21. #20 Pflock

3, 2, 1, Start!

All robots have to fit 10×10 cm (no height limits), and can have a maximum mass of 500 g. Groups challenged each other to comply with the limits. The ‘Swiss’ tournament style was used and scores recorded on With 21 bots, after 5 rounds the winner(s) have been determined. Words cannot express all the fun and hilarious scenes during the battles:

  1. Be prepared to lose your tires!
  2. Never forget to turn on power first 😉
  3. A battle can change in the last seconds!
  4. Robots are able to dance with each other?
  5. Don’t run off the Dohyo yourself!
  6. Tighten your batteries!

Round 1

Part 1: A-E

Part 2: F-J


Round 1 Scores

Round 1 Scores

Round 2

Part 1: K-O

Part 2: P-T


Round 2 Results

Round 2 Results

Round 3

Part 1: U-X

Part 2: Y-AA

Part 3: AB-AD


Round 3 Results

Round 3 Results

Round 4

Part 1: AE-AI

Part 2: AJ-AN


Round 4 Results

Round 4 Results

Round 5

Part 1: AO-AS

Part 2: AT-AX


Round 5 Results

Round 5 Results


Final Ranking

Final Ranking

It has been definitely a lot of fun! I cannot express how much I appreciated the creative solutions and the efforts every team has put into their sumo bots! Definitely something to repeat again :-).

Happy Sumoing 🙂

6 thoughts on “INTRO Mini Sumo Tournament 2013: Lots of Fun!

  1. Erich,
    Fantastic job with the class. I wished I could have gotten full class participation like that when I was teaching. Keep up the good work.


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