Search in Processor Expert Component Properties

Sometimes I’m looking for a functionality, and I cannot find it. But this does not mean that it does not exist ;-).

The Eclipse preference pages have a great filter text field: If I want to change a setting which has something to do with ‘color’, I can enter that text and it will show me all setting pages having something to do with ‘color’:

Eclipse Preference Filter

Eclipse Preference Filter

The filter text accepts wildcards, and is very handy to filter/search through the large amount of Eclipse settings.

That filter capability is implemented in many Eclipse dialogs and settings, so I really missed it for the Processor Expert component settings. For example the CPU component has roughly 300 different properites, making it really hard to find what I’m looking for to configure:

CPU component properties in the Inspector View

CPU component properties in the Inspector View

Next thing to try would be the commonly used CTRL-F (for find) shortcut. But not available here :-(.

💡 Good news: CTRL-F will be implemented in the next CodeWarrior for MCU10.3 update 🙂

Does this mean it does not exist? It only means I cannot find it 🙂 A tip in a comment on an earlier post pointed helped me to find the ‘find’: it is hidden behind that small menu triangle in the view toolbar:

Search in Component Properties

Search in Component Properties

This opens a dialog where I can enter a search text which supports wildcards too. For example I can search for ‘?LL’ which will filter all PLL or FLL items. And if I select the item, it will show me the settings:

Select Inspector Item

Select Inspector Item

Double clicking on the item will select that entry in the component properties:

Selected Item in Component Properties

Selected Item in Component Properties

Wow, pretty much exactly what I was looking for. If find would only be easier to find ;-).

Happy Searching 🙂


1 thought on “Search in Processor Expert Component Properties

  1. This feature is useful indeed and I think that it would be better to have a text search box near the Basic/Advanced/Expert buttons. Or have a global search field on the tool bar as Eclipse Juno introduces already. This way one can search a property across multiple Processor Expert components and not only within the component itself.


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