Spilling the Beans: Breaking Loops

In “Spilling the Beans: Endless Loops” several ways of creating and using endless loops were discussed. In this ‘bean’ it is about how to exit or break a loop.

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Spilling the Beans: Endless Loops

The university lectures are kind of ‘back to normal’: with the COVID certificates mandatory, many former limitations (social distance, masks, …) have been relaxed. So this means there are now many more questions and discussions with students.

One of the thing I realized is that I am doing things in a certain way, and I don’t need to think about it, because I have used certain techniques for a long time. So I had several discussions last week with students which I would characterize as “aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern”. No real ‘secrets’, but just things which might be a something new to think about. Well, I think this is worth a potential new blog article series if this continues, so here we go with a first one: how to write ‘endless’ loops in C?

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